Making Mothers Day

It’s quite literally been all hands on deck lately.

The verandah is nearly rebuilt. Wool orders have been sent around the world after shearing. We’ve been working on the dreaded farm succession plan. And seemingly thousands of people have been staying in the accommodation or stopping by the Woolshop. (We’ve even got Canadian WWOOFer Arla and her family here, 17 years after she first came!)

So we reckon it’s time to have some fun.

Introducing “Mothers Day at Tarndie: gather the flock”. We’re putting on an event for Mothers Day on Sunday 12 March that celebrates all that is good at Tarndwarncoort. Lunch. Music. Mini-workshops with wool. Cider Bar. Limited amount of tickets, and they’ll be available online soon – check out the page for more info.

It’s fun to organise, and it’s even more fun when people come and have a good time. So gather the flock and come on over!

Mothers Day at the Homestead


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