Europeans Spinning towards a World Record

The Groenewoud team of handspinners & knitters from the Netherlands, Germany & the UK handspun and knitted a jumper from sheep’s back to theirs in five & a half  hours in a record breaking European Record to win this years International Back to Back Wool Challenge.

This team is only a touch over half an hour away from the Guinness world record established in 2004  by Australia’s Merriwa Jumbucks at Merriwa,  NSW, their World Record Time being  4 hours  51 minutes and 14 seconds.

Western Australia entered a team for the first time in nineteen years at Toodyay finishing their jumper in 9 hours 16 minutes 59.3 seconds.

Tocal Agricultural College at Paterson in New South Wales hosted the Newcastle Knitwits team, the final team in the world to compete, their time being 6 hours 27 minutes 52 seconds.

In contrast, a team in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada used a hand cranked shearing machine to shear their North Country Cheviot sheep, finishing in a time of  9 hours 8 minutes 22 seconds.

Nine teams of blade shearers, handspinners and knitters entered at their different venues around five world countries in the  nineteenth Challenge, completed on Sunday 9th June 2013.

Each team consisted of a blade shearer, a country of origin sheep and seven handspinners (with spinning wheels) and knitters who follow the identical

Challenge rules and pattern to knit the adult size jumper.

Each team not only promoted wool world wide but raised substantial funds for Cancer Research.

Countries competing with Australia this year included The Netherlands, Canada, Japan  & United States of America.


First :-       Groenewoud  Netherlands/Germay  Swalmen, The Netherlands ~ 5 hours  32 minutes   37 seconds. NEW MAINLAND EUROPE RECORD ~ NEW THE NETHERLANDS RECORD.

Second:-   Knitwits, Tocal Agricultural College, Paterson, NSW, Australia ~ 6 hours  37 minutes  37 seconds

Third:-      Hitsujikouboh Masako, Chiba-ken, Japan ~ 7 hours  47 minutes  53 seconds. JAPANESE   RECORD      

4.  Spinthrift Scotsville Cape Brenton Island, Nova Scotia Canada ~ 8hr 33 min 09 sec

5.  Poly Westers, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada ~ 8hr 35min 27sec

6.  Sheep Thrills, Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada ~ 9hr 8min 22sec

7.  Toodyay Spinners Incorporated, Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia ~ 9hrs 16min 59.3sec

8.  San Diego County Spinners, Bonita, California, USA ~ 10 hr 30 min 00sec

9.  Shear Delights, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada ~ 11 hr 58 min 59 sec

The winning 2013 International Back to Back Wool Challenge from Grounewould.

The winning 2013 International Back to Back Wool Challenge from Grounewould.

For further information contact:-


New South Wales:- Christina Stewart ~ Ph: (02) 4392 1936

Western Australia:-  Berenice Robertson ~  Ph: (08) 9574 4001  


Alberta:- Connie Carlson ~ Ph: +403 553 4268

Nova Scotia:- Judy Lincoln ~ Ph: +902 945 2256

Nova   Scotia:- Judy Morris-Foster ~ Ph: +902 584 7243

Japan:- Masako Yamagashira  ~Nozomi Farm School, Chibaken ~ Ph: +0439 52 6779

United States of   America:- Margaret Tyler ~Bonita, California ~ Ph: + (619) 462 1723

The Netherlands:- Miriam Tegels ~ Groenewoud, Swalmen ~ Ph: + 003 47550 427

International:-     Wendy Dennis ~ Ph: + (03) 5233 6241

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