Past Event: Exhibition by Andrew Delaney

Meet the Artist

  • Lincoln: Truth and Fabrications
  • Textile art exhibition at historic woolgrowing farm until 8 October
  • Meet Andrew 10am – 4pm Sunday 12 August
  • Coffee, scones and soup available

An 1850s Ciderhouse on a woolgrowing farm has been transformed into a freshly discovered treasure trove of Civil War artefacts.

The Ciderhouse at historic “Tarndwarncoort” in Warncoort was built 5 years before the American Civil War began by ancestors of the current owners as an adjunct to their woolgrowing pursuits.

Geelong based textile artist, Andrew Delaney, has created a range of pieces using various textiles and props to portray stories of war and its human impact.

Tarndwarncoort – known by its woollen yarn label – Tarndie – promotes the use of natural fibres not just in clothing, but as a medium for artistic expression. Exhibitions at Tarndie seek to provide inspiration to fibre artists and woolcrafters as they develop their styles and techniques.

Andrew Delaney’s brilliance as textile artist and illusionist is on full display in the fascinating and truly remarkable exhibtion Lincoln: Truth and Fabrications.

Andrew creates artworks of immense power and intensity which explore ideas of life’s vulnerabilities and human mortality.

Objects and artefacts range from a frayed and faded flag, a battered army uniform, doll families and doll’s houses, hope chests, portraits and collections of smaller, intimately displayed ephemera.

Viewers are invited to reflect on the transience of life and the inevitable effect of time passing, whilst at the same time marvelling at the beauty and skill of the work on display.

As well, this exhibition plays with the viewer, inviting questions of reality and illusion. Have these works been collected, curated and composed? Where is the truth of the work amongst the fabrication? The patina of age, the ragged, discoloured threads and the perceived decay of objects are testimony to Andrew’s artistic vision and his virtuosity as textile artist.

In talking about his art, Andrew says:

“…what I hope to do and share is my love of things that some may consider morbid or a little dark. Beautiful things surround us, but not everything has to be pretty and bright to possess its splendour. The art I make tells us that time is moving on and the glory days of our youth are indeed behind us.”

Lincoln: Truth and Fabrications is challenging, compelling and beautiful – and suits perfectly the exhibition space at Tarndie.

Andrew will be on hand at Tarndie this Sunday 12 August from 10am to 4pm to walk visitors through the tricks and techniques he uses to tell stories in textile art and assemblage.

Lincoln: Truth and Fabrications is open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 10am-4pm, until 8 October 2018 in the Ciderhouse Gallery, Tarndie, 37 Roseneath Road, Warncoort.