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The Tarndie flock are again offering a variety of workshops to develop your woolcrafting skills lead by highly talented creatives who have a wonderful ability to teach effectively too.

These classes are designed to build skills and introduce new disciplines to those already working with wool.

Classes are held around the Tarndwarncoort Homestead site – a guided tour of the farm and homestead during the lunch break is included.

Bring your own lunch and soak up the heritage vibes in the Homestead Dining Room and Lounge Room.

Workshops at Tarndie in 2019 – 2020

December 14 (Saturday)

Botanic Dyeing

Learn how to dye skeins of wool with fresh plant matter and extracts. Which plants to use and why. How to prepare wool to dye well. Learn about mordants and how different colours can appear from one dye bath. We will use a variety of common plants to get a range of colours so you will be able to dye yarn at home and achieve good results. More details..

January 11 and 12 (Saturday and Sunday)

Indigo Dyeing

Learn about this ancient blue colour and what makes it different from other botanical dyes. Experience and learn how to make a natural indigo vat, how to maintain it and dye different fibres within it. More details…

January 18 and 19 (Saturday and Sunday)

Botanic Dyeing: expanding the colour wheel

Develop a base range of colours on day 1 and then overdye them on day 2 to create a range of harmonious naturally dyed yarns. More details..

February 29 (Saturday)

Botanic Dyeing: focus on red

For those who have already worked with natural dyes, this workshop explores more detailed techniques while focussing on the various sources of red colours. More details…

March 14 (Saturday)

Continental Knitting

Would you like to hone your knitting skills for greater efficiency? Judith will show there are various techniques that even the most experienced knitter can learn. More details…

April 18 (Saturday)

Saori Weaving

Find your zen on the loom… Prue blends energy and passion with the expressive weaving form of SAORI. More details…

May 9 (Saturday)

Brioche Knitting

Don’t be put off by the complex brioche technique any longer. Develop the skills to celebrate this high impact stitch and embrace the new world! More details…

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