The Homestead

Tarndwarncoort Homestead

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Tarndie for short, is not just accommodation, it’s an experience. Its grand exterior belies a welcoming and rambling interior.

It’s one of Victoria’s oldest surviving homesteads, and has remained in the same family since 1840. Staying at Tarndwarncoort is a chance to absorb Australia’s pastoral history.

Step inside and be cosseted in one of eight bedrooms, 4 lounge rooms, grand dining room, bar and kitchen.

Sleeps up to 14 with 2.5 bathrooms.

Exclusive use. Self catering (with options for event catering).

Ramble the 3 acres of garden and relish the vine covered patio in the Courtyard.

Weekend Retreat bookings include a Guided Tour on Saturday morning to learn about the historic property and how its development fits a Victorian and global perspective.

Perfect for adult groups of family and friends, special occasions and creative retreats.

Imagine your Dinner Party in the original condition 1878 Dining Room, complete with long table, marble fireplace and family portraiture.

Weekdays (Monday – Thursday)
$120/guest with cooked breakfast in the 1878 Dining Room
Minimum 6 guests
No minimum stay
Weekends (Friday – Sunday)
To make the Homestead suit your group size, it is available at 3 levels. Up to 6, 10 or 14 guests. If you are a group of 8, then you would book for up to 10 guests. Similarly with a group of 11, you would take the option of up to 14.
Up to 6 guests in 3 rooms
2 nights – $1080 (works out at $90/guest/night with 6 guests)
3 nights – $1440 (works out at $80/guest/night with 6 guests)
Up to 10 guests in 5 rooms
2 nights – $1600 (works out at $80/guest/night with 10 guests)
3 nights – $2100 (works out at $70/guest/night with 10 guests)
Up to 14 guests in 8 rooms
2 nights – $1820 (works out at $65/guest/night with 14 guests)
3 nights – $2310 (works out at $55/guest/night with 14 guests)

Additional Services: Restaurant Transfers. Private Catering. Woolcraft Workshops. Yoga Classes. In-house Massage & Beauty Treatments.

To book your stay, please call (03) 5233 6241 or email

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