Ciderhouse Gallery

The circa 1856 Ciderhouse makes for a special place to exhibit artworks that use wool and other natural fibres as a medium for creativity.

Lincoln: truth and fabrications

1 July – 8 October 2018

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Artist Talk

Visit Tarndie on Sunday 12 August to meet with the artist, Andrew Delaney, to reveal the many layers of meaning and stories.


About the Ciderhouse

Tarndwarncoort has produced many different foods and fibres over its 175 years of farming. Technology, climate, consumer demands, bio-security, market forces have all played roles in a constantly evolving agricultural industry.

During the mid-1800’s, there was a large apple, pear and apricot industry in Warncoort. Being Cornish, the Dennis brothers knew a thing or two about making cider, so they had an oak cider press shipped out from England, and set it into a two level stone building and began making cider for the thirsty gold miners in nearby Ballarat.

The Ciderhouse Gallery

The Ciderhouse Gallery

Apple trees were ripped out at the turn of the century due to low prices and root disease, however, the infrastructure remains, including the original press.

The original 1860s Apple Cider press

The original 1860s Apple Cider press

The former Ciderhouse is now a stunning space for our new Gallery.

The Ciderhouse Gallery will exhibit art and craft that represent the form and aesthetic of Australia’s evolving agricultural industry.


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